Research based on methodological rigour and values

Social research in health and welfare


Equity and gender perspective

Knowledge for change

What is APLICA?

APLICA is a cooperative devoted to social research in health and welfare, staffed by professionals with background in sociology, political science and public health. APLICA offers services based on methodological rigour and scientific excellence, and identifies itself with principles and values redounding to social assets.

Our compromise is to contribute to the knowledge generation and to enable its return to society, promoting changes to improve communities and people’s lives.


What services do we offer?


We contribute generating and supporting research processes, both quantitative and qualitative, in all its phases:

  • Formulation of hypothesis and research questions
  • Protocol design
  • Design and management of data collection
  • Questionnaires and interview guides design
  • Individual and groupal interviews moderation
  • Qualitative and statistical analysis
  • Systematic and scoping reviews

Transfer of knowledge

We accompany knowledge back to society:

  • Implementation of interventions and word spread
  • General and scientific results dissemination
  • Social communication
  • Political advocacy
  • Transfer of research knowledge
  • Facilitation and support with team management, meeting spaces and projects

We teach and help to develop skills, through participatory dynamics, in our areas of expertise:

  • Quantitative and qualitative methodology
  • Transfer of knowledge and implementation
  • Public health
  • Ethics of scientific research
  • Social involvement
  • In any other of our areas of interest

Which are our topics of interest?

We are interested in everything that has to do with the intersection of health and society, but within this wide scope we highlight some topics:

Health and care at the end-of-life

Social involvement in health

Health promotion and community health

Childhood and youth

Social Determinants of health

Health services

Which are our principles and values?

Through our work we intend to transmit and to promote principles and values which can contribute to the common good and to improve population’s health:


We incorporate in our work perspectives and actions against social inequalities, with a special interest in gender approach.


We uphold a wide conception of health, incorporating the idea of Sumak Kawsay, that means good living: not only based on physical, psychological and spiritual components but also considering the ecological relationship of humans with its context, community and environment.


Knowledge should contribute primarily to social improvements, not to the interest of researchers. We go for social impact rather than impact factor.

Social and solidarity-based economy

We identify ourselves with a network of projects that offers resources and services, but giving relevance to the social benefits of its actions.

Public service advocacy

We do not intend to create duplications or alternatives for the Public System, but to support and advocate for it and its improvement.

Respect for autonomy

We assert our independence from institutions and we advocate for the respect and strengthening of the autonomy of the communities and groups we collaborate with.

Who are we?

Researcher and teacher on Health Promotion, Social Determinants of Health and Evaluation of Health Interventions and Policies.


Sebastià March Llull

Graduate in Sociology. Master degree in Health Research.

Investigadora y docente en epidemiología social, salud pública, promoción de la salud y calidad de los servicios sanitarios


María Urtasun Lanza

Grado en Enfermería y Máster en Salud Pública

Researcher and teacher on Public Health, Epidemiology and Health Services.


José Miguel Carrasco Gimeno

Graduate in Political Sciences and Sociology. Doctorate degree in Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

He has worked on applied sociology in social issues with special interest is on people welfare.

Gustavo A. Zaragoza Gaynor

Graduate in Political Sciences and Sociology. Master degree in Social Research Methodologies.

Investigadora y docente en el ámbito de la dimensión social de la salud (desigualdades sociales, género y cuidados).

Lorena Ruiz

Doctora en Sociología

APLICA has a wide network of collaborators and allied institutions.

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